Mistress Freya Wyld


Mistress Freya Wyld is a highly skilled dominatrix on the rise since 2019. As one of very few FemDom cam stars, she’s cultivated her own, unique style of online domination that’s led to consistent success across platforms. Her expertise spans across BDSM, psychology, and spirituality with experience in both lifestyle and professional domination. She prioritizes teaching and fostering open dialogue around key aspects of BDSM: communication, negotiation, safety protocols, consent, and more. Playful yet cruel, her domination style embodies her core value of authenticity and the belief that we must descend into our shadows before we can ascend. In her personal life, she is passionate about acting, traveling, empowering women, and unapologetically embracing the human experience. In addition to being a FemDom cam star, she’s also a content creator, kinky life coach, magickal witch, and a force to be reckoned with. Her red hair says it all.


Connect with Mistress Freya: Twitter: twitter.com/FreyaWyld Website: FreyaWyld.com

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