AUGUST 6th | 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Workshop: On-Camera Makeup and Beauty Solutions

Sponsored By: Cam4

Location: Strategy Room W Hotel, Second Floor

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Cam4#Cammunity is thrilled to present this amazing opportunity to learn makeup and beauty tips from Natalie C, an expert Hollywood makeup artist who has worked with A-list movie stars and elite fashion and beauty models.  Natalie will cover topics like splurge vs steal products, makeup tips and tricks that can last 12 hours (full day to full night), most effective ways to bump up daytime makeup to night, basic contouring, best makeup removers, best ways to apply, remove and care for false lashes, and how to do a simple but even cat eye.

No videos or pictures during this session please!  After the session, Natalie will also be working with photographer Jeff Fiterman in the #Cammunity IRL Lounge, helping models touch up their makeup before shooting free headshots.  Special thanks to Cam4 for making Natalie’s participation at #Cammunity possible.


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