OCTOBER 11th | 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Live From Hollywood: You Laugh You Lose

Join Nikki Night as Contestants Try Not to Laugh at Bad Jokes!

Location: W Hollywood

By now most of you know this game. The premise is players take turns telling absurd jokes and trying to make their opponents laugh. The player who laughs the least is the winner.  Want to see how it basically works?  Check out this YouTube video.

Spots are limited, so if you want to be a contestant then please use the contact form and let YNOT Cammunity staff know as soon as possible so we can reserve your spot in the game. There will be amazing prizes for the winners!


For each round we face off two YNOT Cammunity attendees, each positioned slightly facing each other. The length of each round will be determined by the number of players, but will fall between 3 and 5 minutes total.

Each player must try to maintain eye contact with the other player as much as possible while jokes are being delivered, but may look away at other times. The host may deduct a point from any player who fails to maintain eye contact with her or his opponent during delivery of a joke.

The player on the audience’s left goes first and has 15 seconds to complete a joke. Once completed, play passes to the player on the audience’s right who now has 15 seconds to deliver a response joke. If any player fails to complete a joke on time a point may be awarded to her or his opponent.

If a player laughs either at an opponent’s joke, or after delivering her or his own joke, then the opposing player scores a point. It’s up to the host to determine when a point should be awarded. Players who laugh, stop laughing only to laugh again shortly after may see multiple points awarded to the opposing player.

At the end of the round, the player with the least points is eliminated and the player with the most points moves on to the next round.

If we end up in a tie in any round the host will ask the competitors to stand and will let the audience decide who should move on to the next round. Interpreting the audience’s level of enthusiasm for a player is solely up to the host.


MOST importantly of all, this is all for fun folks, so any jokes making fun of any individual person or group of people can result in instant disqualification. For example no jokes based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, someone’s physical appearance, disabilities or political/religious affiliations. That’s not what YNOT Cammunity is about.

Players can opt to bring visual aids for their jokes if they choose, so if you want to ambush your opponent with an absurd picture while you’re delivering your punchline, please go ahead.

Players can make gestures, act things out, make stupid facial expressions, use an absurd tone of voice or other such theatrics to help get laughs from their opponent.

The audience can laugh and jeer, but we do ask them to please refrain from shouting things at the players once play has started. If the host determines a player’s laugh was caused by something said from the audience, no point will be awarded to anyone for that laugh.

Please do not throw tomatoes, cabbages or rotten eggs at the host if you don’t like a decision, but yelling “you suck ref!” is probably fine.

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