OCTOBER 11th | 12:00PM - 12:40PM

Presentation: ArtAlt Provides a New Marketplace for Your Digital Assets

Special Presentation: ArtAlt

Location: Studio 2

  • Sponosr

YNOT Cammunity is pleased to present attendees with select presentations about new and exciting tools and platforms that can help models, creators, artists and businesses expand the ways they make money.

The first in this series, join us for this exciting presentation on ArtAlt, a brand new marketplace for your digital assets. Lean about the vision behind this new platform for human body art that’s unlike any-other marketplace currently offered.

ArtAlt is a digital asset marketplace that offers content creators and artists a variety of tools for expressing themselves in new mediums, without having to deal directly with the technology that runs them (such as blockchain, NFTs or cryptocurrencies). Get your unique body art out to a whole new audience of buyers who are specifically looking to buy digital art for their own collections.

The ArtAlt ecosystem brings together artists, galleries, traffic providers and potential buyers. This is a don’t miss chance to be amongst the first in the industry to learn about this exciting new platform.


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