OCTOBER 11th | 4:00 PM - 4:50 PM

Seminar: Retention is a Game-Changer! Keeping Your Fans Coming Back for More

MODERATOR: Megan Stokes SPEAKERS: Cassie Curses, Phoenix Stacy, Nikki Night, Freya Wyld, Eve Batelle, Coralyn Jewel

Location: Great Room 1

You’ve done the hard work of building up a group of enthusiastic fans who love what you do and are willing to pay you for it, but you can bet others are trying hard to attract their attention away from you. Every business has to grapple with this issue of customer retention, and it’s also a problem for cam models and creators. Our panel of top talent talks about the steps you can take to make sure your hard-earned fans don’t start spending their time and money with someone else.

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