AUGUST 7th | 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

#Cammunity IRL Networking Lounge

Mix and Mingle with Models and Company Executives

Location: Great Room 2 and 3 Second Floor of W Hollywood Hotel

  • Sponosr

The #Cammunity IRL Networking Lounge is the place to go during show hours when you’re not in sessions, workshops or other scheduled activities.  Located right next door to the ‘Great Room 1’ seminar hall, the #Cammunity IRL Networking Lounge is a great place to mix and mingle.  You can check out exhibits from top show sponsors, meet executives from live cam networks or other model-centric platforms, grab a drink at the bar, watch the live photography sessions (or jump in there yourself!), or just chat it up with models and industry executives.  Got some down time between sessions?  Come hang out… IRL.

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