YNOT Cammunity Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, and we (hopefully) have answers.


When and where does YNOT Cammunity take place?

YNOT Cammunity returns to the W Hollywood Hotel in 2021, so we’re happening right in the heart of the US entertainment industry.  The arrival day will be October 11th with various activities planned throughout the day; expect full days of seminars and networking on the 12th and 13th. Then on the 14th there will be light activities in the daytime followed by the YNOT Cam Awards event at Avalon Hollywood in the evening, which is a block away.

Who should attend YNOT Cammunity?

This show was created for anyone with an interest in the live webcam and clips/creator sectors of the adult entertainment industry, but it is especially intended for models and performers.  If you are a model (or want to become one), this show is definitely for you.  YNOT Cammunity is an obvious choice for executives from cam networks, studios, clips stores or any other monetization platforms used by models.  Affiliates who work with Live Cam or Clips platforms, or who are interested in monetizing traffic through these businesses, will find YNOT Cammunity to be valuable.  The show is also a good match for executives from peripheral services, such as billing solutions, web hosts, technical service providers, etc.

I am a model already, can I get in for free?

Show passes for models are very low cost at just $25 (early bird pricing), which gets you access to the whole show.  If you already work as a model then you can ask sponsors for a code redeemable for a free pass, but it’s at their discretion if they want to provide that to you and may require you to have an account with their platform.

I am not a model yet, but want to be. What do I have to pay to attend?

Your best bet is to grab a pass at the very low cost of $25, which gets you access to the whole show.  You can optionally reach out to one of our sponsors since they have codes they can share with models that are redeemable for a free pass. However they may require you to be an active model on their platform before they provide you with a code.

I'm a webmaster or affiliate who has attended shows like Internext or The Phoenix Forum before. Should I attend this?

If you have any professional connection to the live cam or clips/creator side of the business, absolutely. Join us!


Is proof of vaccination required?

Yes, you will need to supply proof of vaccination to attend YNOT Cammunity. We recognize this will be welcome news for some of you and unwelcome news for others. We made this decision for several reasons. First, we anticipate Los Angeles to require events like ours to be vax only by October, so we’re getting ahead of it and making it policy now. This way nobody is caught off guard at the event. Second, since we’re one of the first shows back we’re determined to do everything we can to keep attendees safe. Given a large portion of our multi-day event is indoors, and attendees will no doubt visit places offsite during our event that may or may not be safe, we’re erring on the side of caution in setting this policy.

Is one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine enough?

For entrance to YNOT Cammunity, we require attendees to have proof they completed all doses of their chosen vaccine. If the vaccine you chose requires multiple doses, i.e. an mRNA vaccine like Pfizer or Moderna, then you’ll need both doses completed, and your proof of vaccination needs to show this. If you chose a 1-dose vaccine, i.e. Johnson & Johnson, then just that one dose is required.

Can I present a recent negative COVID-19 test instead of vaccination proof?

No, all attendees must show proof of vaccination for entrance.

Will I be required to wear a mask?

Currently in Los Angeles a local ordinance has decreed that masks are required for indoor activities in public places, so that will include all indoor events at YNOT Cammunity. You are free to make your own masking decisions at outdoor events and other locations where masks are not required, but we ask you to please respect any masking rules in place for indoor activities. Although we don’t anticipate it, if things change we will update our policy accordingly. If you don’t have a mask we can provide you with one.

Is a recent negative COVID-19 test required in addition to vaccination proof?

You will not be required to be tested for COVID-19 since proof of vaccination will be needed to participate in YNOT Cammunity 2021. However if you do plan to get tested before attending we recommend you do so now more than 2 days prior to your arrival.

What additional safety measures will be in place?

We’re designing our seminar rooms and networking event locations with extra space in mind. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the event, so please take advantage of it. Attendees with visible signs of illness will not be allowed to enter. If you are feeling ill or running a fever, please do not try to participate in any YNOT Cammunity activities or come into close contact with other attendees. Event spaces will be cleaned regularly by W Hotel staff.


Can I get discounted rooms at the W Hollywood?

We do indeed have a discounted room block available, but make sure to book as soon as possible.  Once the block is gone, discounted rooms may no longer be available. They DID sell out last show, as many of the frustrated people who procrastinated can tell you.  Check our hotel page for details.

When should I arrive and when should I check out?

When making your hotel reservations, plan to arrive on October 11th by 3pm at the latest. You can schedule your check-out for the morning of October 15th.

Do I have to stay at the W Hollywood?

Not at all.  However, if you need a place to stay, we highly recommend staying at the W.  First, staying where the action is will make it a lot easier for you to enjoy the show.  You can easily drop stuff off in your room, run up to change as needed, and enjoy other venue specific benefits and access.  Second, the more our attendees stay at our venue, the lower the prices we can get for everyone in the future, so you’re showing support for YNOT Cammunity by staying at the W.  Third, we chose the W partially for its location and partially because it really is one of the nicest hotels in Hollywood, so we think you’ll enjoy your stay. W Hollywood is an adult-friendly venue and we greatly appreciate the respect they’ve shown our industry.

I'm having trouble affording a room, what can I do?

If you’re on a very tight budget we recommend you try one of these two things: 1) Find a friend who’s willing to share a room with you, which can cut your costs in half. 2) You can check airbnb.com or other nearby accommodations that might offer a lower price than the W Hollywood. At the time of writing this, airbnb.com has many options in Hollywood that are under $100/night, just please be safe and have a transportation plan in place.


How many other speakers will be on my session panel?

This depends on the session.  In some cases a presentation will be handled by just one speaker, however with most panels there will be a range of 4 to 6 speakers. If you need more detailed information about the number of speakers on your specific panel, please contact YNOT through our contact form.

When should I show up?

We ask all featured speakers to arrive at their room at least 15 mins before the start of your session.  This will save your moderator a lot of stress!  If you are arriving at YNOT Cammunity just prior to your session, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to the W Hollywood (accounting for that LA traffic), as well as time to get parked and pick up your badge. Obviously if you’re staying at the W Hollywood, this makes things a lot easier.

Do I get a free badge for being a speaker?

Yes!  All featured speakers are extended a free pass to the event.  This will get you into all parties and activities at YNOT Cammunity itself, but please note that YNOT Cammunity and YNOT Cam Awards are separate events so if you want to attend YNOT Cam Awards please check that website for details.  Check with YNOT for your complimentary code redeemable for your free Speaker pass.

What's the format for sessions at YNOT Cammunity?

For most sessions, there will be a moderator who will be asking questions of the panel and fielding questions from the audience.  Your moderator will contact you about a week or two before the event to help you get familiar with the panel’s format.  So you will have a chance to raise any questions or concerns with the moderator well before YNOT Cammunity starts.

What time is my session and where is it?

Session times and locations will be added to the official Show Schedule as soon as they are locked in.  Your moderator will also go over this information with you about a week or two prior to the show.

How should speakers dress?

YNOT Cammunity is a ‘business casual’ to ‘casual’ type event, so you should dress comfortable.  Some speakers will be wearing business attire, while others will be wearing jeans and t-shirts.  If you are a performer with an online persona, note that YNOT Cammunity is not open to fans, so please project whatever image you’d like to project to fellow models and industry executives. However some sessions may be recorded, and there will be photographers around and other attendees sharing event pictures online, so keep that in mind.